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dc11:title Quaestiones in De anima Aristotelis, redactio secunda

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dc11:description A Commentary on Aristotle's de Anima by John of Jandun. ----- According to the list of witnesses in Lohr, Charles H. (1970). ‘Medieval Latin Aristotle Commentaries: Jacobus – Johannes Juff’. In: Traditio 26, pp. 135–216 this text is transmitted in two redactions. This list of questions is based on a witness to the second redaction (Venezia 1480 early print edition). ----- The print editions that, according to Lohr, belong to this redaction are: Venezia 1473, 1480, 1484, 1487, 1488, 1494, 1497, 1501, 1507, 1519, 1544, 1552, 1561, 1587; Vicenza 1486 ----- He lists the following manuscripts as containing that redaction (there may be others that are indicated as uncertain by him): Bologna Collegio di Spagna 105 (a.d. 1465) 157ff; Cambridge UL Add. 6190 (s. ?) f. 1v-110v; Firenze BLaur Pl. LXXXIII.21 (XV) f. 1r-92r; BN Centrale Conv. Soppr. A.1.1481 (XV); København Kongelige Bibl. Ny Kgl. Saml. 1833 fol. (XV) f. 1r-102v; Oxord BodlL canon, misc. 466 (a.d. 1463) 145ff; Padova BAntoniana XX.432 (XV) 117ff; BU 671 (XV) 203ff; 1465 (a.d. 1464) 198ff; Paris BN lat. 6532 (XV) f. 61-184; Roma BAngelica 536 (XV) f. 1-114 (inc. Omissis omnibus aliis ...); Siena BC H.VI.5 (XV) 148ff; H.VI.6. (XV) 180ff; Tournai BV 75 (XV) 145ff; Utrecht UB 231 (XIV) f. 1r-56v (III; inc. De parte autem animae – Volo quaedam congregare ...); Vaticana Vat. lat. 2156 (XV) f. 1r-115r; 2157 (XIV/XV) f. 1r-80r (I-II q. 32); Barb. lat. 769 (XV) 210ff; Venezia BMarc. lat. VI 101 (a.d. 1431) f. 1-219; Volterra BGuarnacci 6368 (17) (a.d. 1468) 150ff.

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