The SCTA Community

The SCTA began as a way to connect highly related data sets pertaining to scholastic research separated by silos of traditional publication and research methods. The goal is to create a distributed network that allows each research group to preserve their automony and independence, while at the same time constructing avenues for collaboration and data sharing with other groups. In this way, each research group can enrich the work of other groups and in turn be enriched by the growth of the globally connected data set.

If you are working on anything related to scholasticism broadly conceived, we invite your contributions. Whatever level you are at, whatever you're working on — if you're willing to learn new research methods and editing tools -- there is a way for you to contribute.

Community Principles

Scta Slack Message Channel

Join the slack messaging channel to ask questions and interact with the larger community.

To join the slack channel, you need an invite. Request an invite here

SCTA Community Call

The SCTA holds a community call the first Tuesday of every month at 12pm PST, 3pm EST, 7pm UTC, 8pm CET. The call is an opportunity for the community to share work, show demos, and coordinate future development. THe call is open to everyone. If you're just getting started or just curious, please join the call.

Here's the call link: